What Are ‘Actionable Insights’ and How to Use Them in your Campaign

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Actionable Insights

‘Actionable Insight’ is a term used in data analytics and big data. It refers to information that is backed by enough data to give managers and organisations the ability to make an informed decision.

Analysing your marketing analytics can give in-depth insight into the performance of your campaigns, show your superiors or clients how marketing initiatives are going, and help identify aspects of your campaigns that can be optimised to generate better results.

Adapting, modifying and improving your marketing efforts is the key to success for any digital campaign. The following are some actionable insights that you can apply to your own campaigns.

1. Decide how Often to Send Emails

It’s important to identify just how often you should get in touch with your email list.  Determining this involves testing, but it’s worth a bit of effort to get the vital insight. To do this, first, segment your communications list and choose one segment to use as a sample.  Create a series of emails at the frequency that you want to test and send them to your segment over your defined period of time. After this test, you can compare analytics from the test against the analytics from the other segments with the original email frequency. Looking at the open rate, deliverability rate, unsubscribe rate, and click-through rate will help you identify this.

2. Find the Best Topics to Blog About

Blog analytics can help you determine which topics resonate with and engage your target audience. The best way to do this is to group your blog articles by topic then look at the stats for those blog posts, for example, the number of views, bounce rate and time on page. Look for a trend to identify which topics perform better than others.  You can then adapt your blog strategy to create more content about the topics that interest your target market.

3. Improve Your SEO Strategy

The SEO analytics that your business has access to are instrumental in informing which keywords to target in your link-building and on-page optimisation efforts.  Your data can tell you which keywords are effective in driving the most relevant traffic, leads, and customers to your business. You can then use this to identify other long-tail keyword variations based on these high performing keywords.  SEO data can also be used to check that your content strategy is effective.  If you notice that certain key phrases generate a lot of traffic but those visitors are not converting, you can then look at the on-page content and optimise it to encourage visitors further through the buyer journey to sale. Or alternatively, you may realise that those keywords are not the most relevant for your audience. If all of this sounds too foreign, leave it to an SEO specialist Hong Kong agency like Digital Squad to do all the hard work for you.

4. Choose Which Social Sites to Focus On

There is an ever-increasing number of social media sites available to today’s digital marketers so it can be difficult to choose which ones to dedicate the most time to. Your business analytics can provide insight into the traffic and leads that each of these channels generates.  You can also use this data to identify how many of these visitors and leads convert into customers and then allocate your time accordingly. For example, if you notice that Twitter generates website visits but they don’t convert, while visitors coming from Facebook are generating significant ROI, it makes sense to spend more time on your Facebook strategy. A seasoned digital marketing agency can also help you market effectively on social media, as well. If you’re looking for services in Facebook marketing Hong Kong, you can take the guessing out of your strategy.

5. Optimise Your Landing Pages

It’s important to analyse the traffic to each landing page, as well as the conversion rates on the page.  The Call To Action is an important element on your landing page and monitoring the click-through rates of these can reveal a lot of information about how effective your campaigns are.  When it comes to landing pages and the elements on them, the best way to optimise is to A/B test. Sometimes a little tweak can make a huge difference, so it’s important to test the elements on your page to find the best combination that converts for your business. At the end of the day, you want to improve your CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to suit your goals. This can be different depending on where your visitor is on the purchase funnel.

6. Focus on the Marketing Channels that Work for You

Your analytics data lets you compare how effective each of your channels is so that you can measure which are the most effective in generating leads and conversions. From social media to email, SEO, blogging and paid search ads, it’s vital to know what is working for your business. If you notice that paid search marketing is your best source of conversions, while social media doesn’t generate leads or conversions, you can use this information to reallocate some of your budget in order to generate more conversions that boost your bottom line.

Thinking critically about your data can help you determine what exactly is working for your business and what’s not.  If you need some help with your digital marketing campaigns, get in touch with the experts at Digital Squad. We are a digital marketing agency Hong Kong that offers SEO services Hong Kong, Facebook Marketing Hong Kong, and AdWords Marketing Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a comprehensive strategy that takes care of all your digital channels, including social media marketing Hong Kong, Google Shopping Hong Kong, Bing ads and Google display network ads, we are here to help you out. Contact us and find out how you can improve your conversions!

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