The Trends that will Affect Your Paid Search Campaigns this Year

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Paid Search Campaigns

65% of all clicks made by users who intend to make a purchase online go to paid ads. So, ensuring your paid search campaigns are fully optimised should be one of your priorities as we start the second half of 2019.

As online advertising platforms rapidly evolve, digital marketers have to evolve with them or risk being left behind. This may seem like a daunting task with an ever-expanding range of digital tools and platforms for digital marketers to master.  However, the good news is that consumers have more trust in online advertisements than ever before.

From 2016 to 2017, roughly 7% of people viewed pay-per-click ads poorly, meaning they associated them with negativity. From 2017 to 2018, on the other hand, only 1% of consumers held negative connotations to this type of advertisement.

Nailing your digital advertising strategy will bring in more leads and customers for your business and ultimately boost your bottom line. Ensure your paid search ads are performing to the best of their ability with the following trends that will shape the digital advertising space for the rest of this year.

Amazon Ads to Take Market Share from Google and Facebook

Amazon has been promoting its answer to Google ads for some time now and this will continue into 2019. An Amazon PPC campaign can help you sell more products, quicker, while increasing organic rankings at the same time. The Amazon sponsored ads program is relatively easy to set up and use and has already proven to be successful. Some businesses that have innovated early and started advertising using the Amazon advertising platform have seen more success than on Google Ads. 3Q Digital shared a case study in which they compared Amazon to Google Ads and found that Amazon’s ads CPCs were 3 times cheaper than Google Ads CPCs.

AI and Machine Learning Will Continue to Evolve

AI and Machine learning had a number of major developments in 2018 and this is likely to continue long into in 2019 and beyond. 2018 gave digital marketers the ability to automate bids and budgets as well as employ dynamic search ads and make use of better attribution capabilities.

While processes are undoubtedly becoming more automated, this doesn’t mean marketers can sit back and let the machines do the work – they will have to invest more time into learning this new set of tools.

Digital Marketing Jobs are Likely to Change

Machines are great at completing well-defined, consistent tasks, but humans are still needed to think creatively and strategically and interpret and act on data. This being said, the advancement in technologies will mean that the daily tasks of PPC marketers may change. As ad automation increases and less time has to be spent on bid management, running ad split-tests and adjusting budgets, digital marketers will have more time to develop strategic aspects of the campaign. This may include learning more about target audiences, creating more customised ad experiences, and mapping out customer journeys.

Audiences will Replace Keywords

 “I’m not going to talk about the death of keywords this year. In my opinion, they’re already dead, in a sense, as a primary targeting method. If you’re thinking about them first, you’re already behind.” Aaron Levy – Paid search expert.

Audience targeting was big in 2018 and is only gaining momentum. In 2019, more digital marketers will start the “audience first” mentality as paid search platforms such as Google and Bing improve their audience targeting and segmenting capabilities for advertisers.

Video Ads will Increase But Text Ads Won’t be Forgotten

Despite the increasing options for advertisers to run their ads in different formats, text ads remain the most effective. As such they are not likely to go anywhere any time soon. However, the use of other ad formats is likely to grow. Video marketing now makes up 25% of US digital ad spending and that is likely to increase as video continues to rise in popularity. In addition, video ads are particularly effective as they can be used on social platforms, which gives digital marketers greater opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Voice Search Will Continue to Grow

As one in five mobile searches in 2018 were done using voice search, voice searches are likely already affecting your PPC campaigns. While voice search has not yet been monetized, its use is only likely to increase. It makes sense to start optimising your campaigns for voice search early. This guide is a helpful resource, that can help you do just that.

Going forward, it will be important to merge your proven tactics with the new available technologies. If you need help with your PPC campaigns, or other digital marketing strategies, get in touch with Digital Squad today.

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