Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers advertisers the chance to showcase their products in front of people who are actively looking for them.

Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping?

Previously known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping is a platform provided by Google that allows customers to search for, view, and compare products.

This type of advertising has become more and more popular since the platform’s launch in 2010 and is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of many leading brands. Google Shopping ads are perfect for eCommerce businesses as their products can stand out in search results, and appear in mobile and in image searches. They are particularly useful for driving awareness and credibility and can be set up as a standalone campaign or as a part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

At Digital Squad, we’ve run hundreds of successful Google Shopping campaigns for businesses spanning a number of industries. Applying our learnings from each of the Google Shopping campaigns that we have worked on, we know how to use the platform to generate more quality enquiries for your business.

2019 Google Shopping Statistics

Why Google Shopping is a Winning Strategy

Higher Conversion Rates

Google Shopping ads are proven to have average conversion rates 26% higher than text ads

Drive Purchase

Google Shopping ads drive 76.4% of retail search ad spend, generating 85.3% of all clicks on Google’s network

Lower Cost Per Click

Google Shopping ads have a 23% lower cost per click than text ads

Broader Reach

Multiple products can appear with a single query, boosting exposure for your business’ entire product line and raising awareness of your brand

The largest search engine in the world, Google provides digital marketers with the opportunity to reach a large audience of relevant searchers. Generate results with Google Shopping with help from the experts at Digital Squad.

How Google Shopping Works

Google has put more focus on its Shopping platform in recent years and retailers have followed suit. Currently, Google’s Shopping feature is one of the most effective ways to generate clicks from consumers looking to buy.

These ads are especially effective for non-branded, broader search terms that customers use at the start of their buyer journey, where Google Shopping ads are key to engaging consumers early.

While text ads may remain the most common type of advertising, retail-specific companies are seeing Google Shopping ads boost new customer acquisition. As such, advertisers in retail-based categories are now spending more on Google Shopping ads than regular text ads.

Unlike text ads, Google Shopping ads are not keyword-based.  They use Merchant Center product data rather than keywords in order to identify where ads should be shown. As such, all data for this type of campaign is submitted through Google’s Merchant Center.  Ads are still managed in Google Ads and Google Shopping ads also participate in an ad auction, where advertisers are only charged whenever someone clicks.

Displaying at the very top of Google’s search results, Google Shopping ads give retailers the opportunity to show their products to prospects early in their buying journey and drive conversions directly from the search engine results page.

What Google Shopping Can do for your Business

Google has one of the most comprehensive online offerings for digital advertisers looking to promote their products and services. With a range of different methods of delivering ads, Google Ads has something to offer every business to reach their target audience.

Google Shopping can be used in combination with other Google advertising options. In order to get results online, retailers with online selling functionality should consider putting a percentage of their online budget to Google Shopping. While the premise behind Google Shopping may be similar to traditional advertising on Google, there are a number of unique benefits that running a campaign on the channel offers.

Quality of Leads

Increase the quality of leads with product information to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions

Product Performance

See how your products are performing in granular detail with comprehensive data and reporting


Retail-centric campaign management through the Google Ads platform


Increase presence by showing a number of Shopping ads, supplemented by text ads in the SERPs

Leave Your Google Shopping Campaign To Us

There are a number of different goals that a Google Shopping campaign can fulfil, such as sales, leads and website traffic. Before starting any work on the campaign, we will have a consultation with our client to identify exactly what they want to achieve from their Google Shopping campaign. We can then implement the campaign in a way that generates measurable and meaningful results.

We want to ensure we are getting the most out of the Google Shopping campaign by reducing the potential for wasted clicks.  In order to do this, we speak to our clients about the specific audience demographics that they want to target and when to show the ads to get the most impact.

We work with our clients to identify a realistic Google Shopping budget that will get results. If the Shopping campaign is running together with other Google Ads campaigns, we will give you an idea as to the results you are likely to expect across campaigns. Continuously analysing clicks and conversions, we regularly optimise all campaigns to ensure we are consistently getting the best results from the defined budget.

We can’t run a successful campaign if we don’t know what’s working. As such, setting up comprehensive conversion tracking before any campaign begins is essential. With tracking set up effectively, we can get an in-depth understanding of how well the Google Shopping campaign is performing, as well as any impact that it is having on other campaigns.

As a results-driven agency, Digital Squad is dedicated to providing transparent and clear reports to our clients. We provide a monthly report on all campaigns that contain key pieces of data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, bounce rates and session times.  All data is summarised into an easy to digest format that gives our clients a full understanding of the campaign’s performance.

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