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Establish your business as an authority with informative, targeted content. Develop a content marketing strategy that follows your audience along the buyer’s journey and boosts your SEO efforts even further.

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Utilise the power of Content Marketing to generate inbound leads

Once upon a time, businesses needed to invest in paid advertisements and conduct cold calls to reach out to potential customers. Nowadays, business owners can take a backseat, with content marketing on their website and social media channels doing the heavy lifting for them. Stop reaching out to potential customers – have them come to you instead!

Why Content Marketing is Worth the Investment

Content development for every stage of the buyer’s journey will keep your audience engaged from when they first become aware of your company until they become loyal supporters. There’s no doubt content marketing works – better yet, it works for a fraction of the price of old-school outbound marketing efforts.

2018 Content Marketing Statistics

What Content Marketing Can Do For You

Content builds trust

Almost half of all buyers will read 3-5 pieces of content before committing to a purchase

Insights and Expertise Matter

By having a blog on your website, a business can generate 67% more leads

Higher Conversion Rates

After reading about a product, 60% of buyers are likely to seek out the product

Unbeatable ROI

Content marketing results in three times more leads than traditional marketing efforts, while costing 62% less

Content marketing takes a larger audience through the buyer’s journey in an efficient and affordable manner. Digital Squad’s highly strategic content will target and retain buyers along their journey. 

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Informative and engaging content is essential for reaching your audience, helping buyers discover your business and appearing at the top of search results. Quality content establishes trust and showcases your business’s authority, providing solutions to your buyers’ problems. 

In addition to filling out your website, a good content marketing strategy may also include the following marketing materials:

Blog Posts
White Papers
Case Studies
Social Media Content
User Generated Content

Using High-Quality Content to Generate and Convert Leads

It’s essential to introduce yourself to your potential customers by using different types of content, so that they can get a full scope of what you have to offer.

Blog posts are quite literally what your customers have been searching for. When your customers search for questions online, they will be led to click on your blog post, thereby becoming familiar with your site and business. They will then be prompted to sign up to receive updates, information or more content, allowing you to gather data and pursue leads. Quality content that answers your customers’ questions is key to building a list of leads that are interested in your business.

By providing free content such as eBooks, you demonstrate that you are a valuable source to potential customers. By building a relationship through content marketing and email strategies, the buyer will be guided along the customer journey until they finally convert. 

Tap into user-generated content to encourage loyalty among customers, eventually leading them to promoting your business for you. User-generated content, reviews and testimonials show leads that buyers who are similar to them trust and enjoy your brand, building social proof.

Content Marketing Enquiry

    Why Trust Digital Squad With Your Content Marketing Strategy

    We are already well-versed in providing SEO content to clients to help them top the search results. By adding the right content to your page, you are more likely to reach a customer base that will engage with your content and eventually make a purchase. 



    Content Marketing Consultation

    To create engaging content specific to your business, a thorough understanding of your customers and their motivations is necessary. When you speak to Digital Squad, we'll review your existing content marketing strategy and how you are currently reaching out to your customers. We will then discuss the different options available to you, and how they can be used to target different demographics and buyer personas.



    Detailed Keyword Research

    Extensive keyword research is needed to understand what your customers are looking for online, and crucially, how you can provide the answers.



    SEO-Focused Content

    SEO and content marketing are a synergistic duo, with 72% of marketers believing that quality content is essential to boosting SEO. According to this logic, a content marketing agency that is also an SEO authority is sure to lead to success. By having more of your content at the top of the search results, you can enjoy more traffic, leads, and customers.



    Tracking and Reporting

    Content marketing is an ongoing endeavour. Blog posts that compound traffic over time have been shown to account for 38% of all website traffic. Digital Squad provide monthly content marketing reports so that you can have full confidence that your efforts are paying off.