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The companies that succeed with Chinese marketing will be those that make an effort to understand cultural variations and integrate them into their marketing strategies.

What Is Chinese Marketing

Chinese companies have developed rapidly over the past decade, becoming more sophisticated in their business systems and practices. This has created both opportunities and challenges for international businesses looking to expand into the market. Cultural differences between the East and the West still prove to be challenging for foreign businesses that are marketing to Chinese consumers. The companies that succeed with Chinese marketing will be those that make an effort to understand cultural variations and integrate them into their marketing strategies. Understanding Chinese consumer behaviour is the first step.

Chinese consumer behaviour is evolving much quicker than in other markets. Increasing exposure to digital channels, particularly social media, has significantly impacted their consumption habits. Furthermore, with the rise of the country’s economy, many Chinese consumers have higher disposable income and increasing purchasing power.

At Digital Squad, we’ve worked on numerous Chinese marketing campaigns. We know how to address this international market through advertising products and services in a way that engages the target audience.

The Characteristics of Chinese Marketing

Chinese consumers were previously known for being focused on function and price when making purchase decisions. However, as the economy is becoming more sophisticated, so are Chinese consumers. The Chinese market has become saturated with both international and local brands, and consumers have responded by becoming more particular and raising their expectations.


Standards of living have improved in China over the past few decades, and Chinese consumers have started to trade up from mass-market products to premium, high-quality products. Chinese consumers have become less concerned with the popularity of a brand and are now more swayed by their own personal preference. They are also relying more on the opinions of other consumers, which are becoming more of an influence on Chinese purchasing decisions than ever before as consumers are taking more time to read reviews and comments on e-commerce apps and review sites.

2019 Chinese Marketing Statistics

Why Chinese Marketing is a Winning Strategy

Reach a Huge Market

China has a population of 1.3 billion, which gives businesses a huge opportunity for selling more products

Sell More Products Online

More than 300 million Chinese consumers are using sites such as TaoBao, Tmall, JD, and Xiao Hong Shu to purchase online

Target Consumers with Disposable Income

Chinese cities have seen huge growth in terms of GDP in the last few years, which has meant that their inhabitants now have higher disposable income

Boost Your Brand Through Digital

There are 700 million monthly active social media users in China who spend a huge amount of time watching videos, playing games, and communicating with friends on their smartphones

79% of advertisers in China are expected to increase their digital marketing spend next year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your brand in front of a huge, targeted international audience.

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What Chinese Marketing Means for Your Business

China has been growing rapidly over the last decade. Although it is inevitable that the country’s growth will slow as the market matures into an advanced, developed economy, it is still predicted that Chinese GDP will grow at an exceptional rate by Western standards, in the coming years. As the economy develops, the Chinese middle-class population will also grow, which will drive consumption expenditure in the years to come.

China is the world’s number one trading nation and manufacturer by output

Over the past three decades, China’s GDP growth rate has often bypassed 10% and has consistently exceeded 7%

Annual GDP growth is still tipped to exceed 5% as the Chinese economy matures

Household incomes in China are soaring, with more than 300 million people now considered middle class

Put Your Chinese Marketing Campaign in the Hands of the Experts

Digital Squad is a leading international marketing agency with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. We know how to create campaigns that generate sales from international audiences. We are results-driven and guarantee quality, relevant leads for your business through our well-executed campaigns.

While we know the general characteristics of Chinese consumers, the specific target market is different for every business. No campaign is effective without a comprehensive understanding of the target consumer so, our first step to any campaign is to meet with the business owner or marketing manager to gain an in-depth insight into their target audience. We use the information learned in this meeting to inform the entire campaign.

There are a huge number of channels at the disposal of digital marketers targeting Chinese consumers. After identifying the audience that we are targeting, we will consider how to best reach them. We will identify the channels they are most active on and that are most likely to generate ROI.

An effective Chinese marketing campaign needs quality content that engages prospects at each stage of their buyer journey. We create content that addresses the needs of the customer, shows how the business adds value to them, and answers their objections in order to move them through the stages of the funnel.

As the campaign will be running across a number of digital channels and platforms, it’s important to know what is working.  We identify how prospects are interacting with the business website once they click through from a campaign by setting up comprehensive conversion tracking. This gives us a deeper understanding of which campaigns not only drive traffic to the website but also result in conversions.

We use the data that we have collected from each campaign channel and Google Analytics to identify the channels that are working and those that are not. We can then adjust the campaign to focus more on what’s working and take steps to fix what’s not. This allows us to generate more conversions and increase ROI for the specified budget.

Digital Squad is a results-driven agency that is committed to succeeding for our clients. We guarantee transparency at all times and provide monthly reports on all campaigns that outline the key success metrics. All data that we provide is summarised into a format that is easy to understand, and we are available to answer any questions that you have.

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