Backlinks – Quality over Quantity

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SEO is forever evolving, with Google changing its algorithm around 600 times a year to make search results more relevant. Over the last 16 months, more emphasis has been on having quality backlinks from sites with high Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA), indicating how much Google trusts these sites. At the same time, the Penguin series of updates is penalising sites that have an excess of low quality links. The bad news for SEO companies that have been using this once effective but now dodgy tactic is that Google will be penalising these sites in real time, with the possibility of having pages on a domain banned if it contains spammy inbound links.

Now, what’s needed to create an effective link-building campaign is to focus on quality, especially writing customised, authentic and relevant content. Thanks to its machine learning AI, Google now values articles that are written for the customer rather than for the algorithm to boost SEO. Quality articles that provide expert insight and distinguish you as a thought leader in your industry will result in better engagement, which is an essential metric for SEO.

We’ve all heard that content is king, so remember to write often and focus on offering fresh insights that draw in customers. Make sure to have social share buttons to everything you publish so that all your hard work is seen.

We understand that content creation doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and that you may need help with expert copywriting. We can craft a customised campaign plan for you featuring regular articles and content distributed on high quality PR sites.


Make sure your business stays ahead of the game this year by focusing on SEO. If you need help with your SEO strategy and creating quality content get in touch with a digital marketing agency Hong Kong. The team at Digital Squad can help you with effective content marketing Hong Kong and SEO Hong Kong.

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